Republic of Tizona

Amalfi coast
The Cardinian Archipelago is a formation of more than three thousands Islands, but There are five main landmass that forms it’s emerged portion. Situated in area of great volcanic activity, the field on the inland of these islands are fertile and well cultivated for wines, wheat, olives, fruit orchards and grains used to be brew into a strong and bitter mixture, called coffee by the residents. The terrain is very rough and rugged and improper to extensive farming, so most lands are held by small free proprietors. There is small amounts of gold and gems in the underground, but the true riches comes from it’s Mithril mines along the volcanic shore. There are few known dwarven settlements in some mountains.
The sea around the republic can be relentess and dangerous during Autumn, but is relatively calm around the rest of the year, making it proper for navigation. The labyrinth of small islands all around also make proper hiding place for corsairs, pirates and other naval-marauders, even great sea creatures. The hunt for Giant Crabs and Reefclaws is a important part of the coastline settlements and local cuisine. Reefclaw smoked meat is much appreciated outside the Islands.

The Republic
The Tizona Republic is governed by the Chairman. This man is elected from members of the Council to rule for for six years over the republic, or until the time of his Death, whatever comes first. Most of it’s great cities are also important ports or at least settled at the coastline. The inland is home to hundreds or thousands of smaller villages. There are fews great landholders, most of it being cultivate in small plots by families of free-man. As there is no nobility in the Republic, there are also no servants and recently, merely a century ago, no slaves. The most of it’s demographic is formed by Humans and halflings, who live in relative harmonoy. There is small dwarven communities on the Archipelago, but they don’t recognize themselves as part of the Republic and live a recluse life underground. Trade still happens but mostly at Dwarven terms. The Halflings are more common in the countryside and smaller towns, but some live in the big coastline cities and work in guilds of craft. The naval tradition in the republic is strong, it is home for huge ships propelled by three to five sails, usually double or triple the size of the average Imperial galley and almost as fast.

  • Elections: The Chairman is elected by a council of the one hundred and one richest men on the republic, except for the seven seats reserved to the guild-leaders of the seven main guilds: Explorers’, Traders’, Sailors’, Fighters’, Blacksmiths’, Masons’ and Carpenters’. The Chairman rules for six years terms and can be reelected. He has power equivalent to a regent, his decisions can be vetoed by a vote of three thirds in the council. The Chairman is also the only one authorize to declare war or sign and alliance, and receives a payment of ten thousand gold pieces a year while in office. The man advantage of being the Chairman, though, still the privileged position to secure and negotiate trade routes that will favor your supporters.

One of the main aspects of the Tizonian culture is the sea. This people worship it in their prayers and throw gifts to it before the storms of Autumn arrive. When some of those are washed ashore, people pick them from the sands and keep them to themselves, believing the sea redistribute them in it’s wisdom. Their religion talks of three god’s, Azzure at the Sky, Undine at the sea and Seres at earth. This gods are believe to hold palaces in the planes of Air, Water and Water respectively, where the dead’s souls may go after the passing, according to how their remains are treated. The naval tradition is also strong and sea-men is a prestigious career to be pursued by men and women alike. Every man in the republic is suppose to serve it’s army when times of war comes, but only a select few can afford to be all-year round soldiers that train and protect the land, the rest is assigned to the reserve or drafted into the militia and navy as rowers.

  • Halflings:
    Most common in the smaller communities, some formed entirely by them, Halflings are able fishermen, farmers and artisans, but show little aptitude for mining and hard work like construction. Halfings usually exceed in use of ranged weapons and are famous for being easy to adapt to new situations. In the navy they are usually employed as cooks, gunner’s and cleaners.
  • Humans:
    Humans in the republic live all around, but concentrated in big cities by the coastline. They do most of the trading, construction work, mining and sailing in the republic. When at war, humans rather serve as infantry and trust their halflings to take the whole of archers and long range support.
    The Republic was formed in the last years of the Iron age with an Alliance between the main Merchant Cities as a way to resist Imperial Invasion. It worked and the Empire has being driven of the archipelago, except for Fort Bemeron, kept as a enclave in the Cardinian Isles in the following peace treat. Fort Bemeron works as an advanced trade post and safe haven for Imperials in the Republic that may run into problems with local authorities and the law. Mostly it’s used for military means and hunt for pirates.

Republic of Tizona

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