Lynn Balker

Fierce Noble Born Fencer


“Can’t you feel it burn,
Deep down inside?
Won’t you ever learn,
Don’t try to hide.” – Isolation, Ayreon

Lynn is of average height with an athletic body and a slightly slender build. Her skin is a healthy hue; but is starting to become rough from use in combat and in willing metal to bend to her desire. She has red hair that typically reaches down to her shoulder that she nearly always keeps tied off in a braid or ponytail (which has habit of becoming unkempt if not tended to after being wet). She typically wears a grin, or at the least a smirk while comfortable – which is often if not observing courtly politics. Her bust is slightly smaller than most; and often bound against her body and under a layer of metal. She has a curved scar on her right side from a minor wound. Lynn’s legs are long and toned; and her eyes are a vibrant green.


“She’ll fight if she needs to, or if she wants to, but it’s not a job to her, it’s part of who she is and how she approaches her life.” – Henrietta Ashford

Lady Lynn Balkers of Asteria
Lynn was the first of Marius’ children to be born within the walls of Asteria and not out among the outer-provinces that were once part of his duties. Instead her father had taken up a more comfortable role in of tending to courtly matters. Her mother’s death was not difficult on Lynn; she was too young at the time to really comprehend it, or now remember much of how it rippled out to the rest of the family, but in her later years she eagerly remembers every mention of her mother and regards her highly though has never asked her father about her, nor the circumstance of her death out of fear of reopening wounds.

Michael was most influential in her childhood – he had been accustomed to life on the road and the more lax behaviour expected of him. Often the pair of them would run around and play games – at least until Michael came of age to properly be trained with matters of the sword and of the courts (though showed a talent for only one). At this point Lynn found a passion for reading; particularly tales of legend, myth and knights, as well as her disinterest in behaving in the way that Kathleen and Marilyn did.

Lynn was devastated by the death of her brother; she started to act out and demanded to be trained with a sword (with her father eventually relenting and allowing one of his guards that had come along with him from the West teach her – who also started to teach her how to forge a blade as part of the practice traditional of his people). When a cousin came to claim the family’s sword – that had been returned wit Michael’s body she protested and challenged him; seeing it as rightfully her’s to inherit (since Robert was too young to take it up). They fought and Lynn deftly won out – and with it respect enough of her family to be considered a competent fencer blessed with a nimble body and sharp mind as well as strength.

Since then she has ventured out on her for short tasks; mostly short escorting or patrols close to Asteria – and never in much more danger than engaging an outnumbered group of bandits or a wild animal. She has developed a fondness for comradery amongst other warriors; and the sort of behaviour that one can be expected to find in a loud and filled tavern. Though manages to balance such activities with enduring attempts at courtship and the expectation of attending courts

Lynn Balker

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