Adrian Addler

Veteran Knight, New Noble



“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” – Winston Churchill

Early Life
Lord Adrian Addler was born just Adrian, left in a ragged blanket by the steps of the Saint Titus House for Lost Boys orphanage where he was taken in by the nuns to be raised among the other unwanted boys of society. Life wasn’t very shiny for the child, in fact it was poor and gloomy with small meals and lack of proper clothes to avoid the cold, but the boy made friends with his ‘brothers’ to which kept him entertained in many battles in the mud, pretend war games or simply tormenting the nuns while running for his life for the punishment that followed.

At the age of eleven, dwelling into a more dangerous path alongside the other teens he shared the house with, it wasn’t unusual to go out and cause some havoc though one day, confronted by a General, a man of power and honor, he was shamed in his ways. The man mercifully gave him the opportunity to make amends for his deeds instead of reporting him to the authorities for punishment, and let the young boy follow him around and take care of minor chores. At first it was horrible as Adrian would lash against his superior in small power struggles or simply complain his way through them, but with time they seemed less tiresome as he began to know the man that would sometimes share his meals with him although he could offer nothing in return and in the winter, shared his great warm coats even if they were too big for the tall skinny lad. A year passes and at twelve, the man known to be Lord Thomas Addler takes Adrian into his arms and family after showing great promise and loyalty, perhaps compelled by the fact the military man had no children of his own. The boy was grateful, more than he could ever demonstrate and loved his father and mother, Lady Vivian Addler, deeply even if her ladyship kept some angst for the boy her husband had fostered but never showed anger towards him. Under the wing of his father, he grew strong, becoming a strong man with a stature unlike many others, standing tall as a giant for many, and Thomas showed him the ways of the war and honor, training him in the art of sword fighting and horseback riding, complemented by good manners and education, Adrian turned out so very different from what was initially in stored for him. When the time came at his sixteen years of age, the man joined the military service where later on fell between the ranks of the War of the Elves in the North as one of their most valued knights. Things, however, would take a different course when his stepmother passes away at his twenty and shortly before returning from the war at twenty six, discovers his mentor and father had passed, leaving the once great estate to his name and a great pain upon his chest

Adrian Addler

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