A Song of Gods and Men

Song of Gods and Men
Episode summary

Stories so far:
Tome I: Theater of Shadows

  1. A Noble Slave
  2. Breath of Life (Tracking down dragon egg shells for Colette, Freeing Bahamut)
  3. Cardinal Sin (Investigating Wallaram, Fighting werewolves)
  4. A Poisonous Cure (Hunt for Adrian’s cure, Myvara’s curse, Temple)
  5. First Snow’s Fall (Teran ship, Assassination)
  6. Seeing the Elephant (Shade’s plans, the Pit and the wizard’s shipment, Balker vs Drakthrone, Ade’s trial)
  7. A Game in Darkness (Killing viktor, Colette’s betrayal)
  8. Departures (Sailing to the Fort)
  9. The Calm Between Storms (The fort)
  10. Twilight (Veinn – finding the hideout, capturing and losing the soulshards, finding the mine).
  11. Of Dreams and Gods (Fighting the Cult, Entering the Fade, facing challenges)
  12. The Beauty and the Beast(Fighting Baal, exiting the fade, Henrietta vanishing, Anthoniette Killed)
  13. Yet the Sun Rises Again (Epilogue in Skywatch.)

Interlude: The Long Road North

Tome II: Warpath

  1. The Tourney of the Regent (Introduction)
  2. Fallen Lord (Mallax Arrival and Stella’s Coup)
  3. In the Trail of the Crimson Queen (Kalendra’s pursuit and slaying)
  4. The Lady in Grey (Return to Asteria, Lydia marriage arrangements)
  5. In the Bay of Flowers (Arrival in Callista, Thrown into the Dragon Cult Lair)
  6. In the Halls of the Dragon Lord (Dungeon near Callista, Facing and Killing Brian and the cultists)
  7. Perils of Blood (Bahamut Blood Discussion, Rammond ‘Capturing’ Lynn, Dy infiltration)
  8. The eyes of the Cockatrice (Rammond Dinner, Adrian rescuing arrangments, fight, escape, rescue)
  9. The Trail of the Snake (Arya and Mallax leave North, Rudolf Stella meet with the council.)
  10. Poison, Blood and Fire (Meeting of the Council of Shadows, Following the Stalkers.)
  11. Reborn in Death (Meeting with Veronique, Death of Assecla, Journey upriver to mute singer Grotto)
  12. A bloody Goodbye (Death of Lazarus and Colette.)
  13. The Dark Champion ( Meeting with Tebras, set of to Caerelus Temple)
  14. Temple of Shadows (Arriving in Samarra, finding the Temple, the PIt.)
  15. The Black Lamb (Battle agaisnt the Black king, the wakening of

Interlude: Broken Sword

Tome III: Bones of the World

  1. Those who are Lost (Theodrick Asking help to find Cousin)
  2. Land of Snakes (Travel to the east, Arriving in Evona)
  3. A bitter Deal (Finding the Rakshasa, giving him the kid)
  4. On the Road again (Journey to the mountain, the spire)
  5. Beyond the Breach (Crossing the fade, arriving at the city)
  6. The Ghost of a People (Talking to the spirit, heading to the vaults)
  7. The Blade of the Void (Fighting Hungry ones, Finding Rodrick)

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